Free Tour Inspiring Madrid – Las Letras District

Would you like to discover the secrets and anecdotes of a captivating and unrepeatable generation?
Come with us in the Free Tour “Inspiring Madrid”, through the streets of El Barrio de las letras that witnessed the life of the most important writers of the “Golden Age” of Spanish literature: Cervantes, Lope de Vega, Quevedo, Góngora and Bécquer among others. Walk with us through one of the areas of the world where more culture and art meet in a single neighborhood.


The Free Tour “Inspiring Madrid” starts at two times in the day, the first one at 11:30am and at 5:30pm (8pm in Summer). You will find our guides from 11am and 5pm (7:30pm Summer); regardless of the season or weather condition. The meeting point is in the Puerta del Sol Square around the equestrian statue of Carlos III; the guides are uniformed and can identify them with our distinctive white umbrella with the logo of Xtreme Tours Madrid. We handle small groups, for which we recommend making your reservation in advance.


- Puerta del Sol - Plaza Jacinto Benavente - Plaza del Ángel - Comedy Corrals - Church of San Sebastián - Atocha Street – Matute Street and Square - Huertas Street - Royal Academy of History - León Street - Mentidero of the Representatives - Print of Juan de la Cuesta - Lope de Vega Stree - Convent of Las Trinitarias Descalzas - Quevedo against Góngora - House / Museum of Lope de Vega - Plaza de las Cortes and Miguel de Cervantes - Ateneo de Madrid - The house of Cervantes - Echegaray Street - Spanish Theater - Plaza Santa Ana - Federico García Lorca - Calderón de la Barca - Street of La Gorguera (Núñez de Arce) - Cat's Alley - Ramón María del Valle-Inclán - Free drinks - And many other great and spectacular sites.


The “Inspiring Madrid” Tour has an approximate duration of 2.5 hours, so we recommend taking the necessary measures of hydration, comfortable clothes and shoes, as well as protection according to season and weather conditions. The “Inspiring Madrid” Tour is carried out under the modality of Free Tour, for which it has no stipulated price, being you who at the end of the tour puts monetary value to the quality of your experience, which motivates our guides to carry out each day the best possible work with information, enthusiasm, fun and good humor, to provide the best experience and earn their respect.


We handle small groups of maximum 15 people, to guarantee the quality and personalization of the route. The free drink offered at the end of the tour can be chosen among: beer, lemon white, sangria, summer red, regular drink, juice or water.